Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lets Sllrrrp~ with Mamee Sllrrrp Spicy Topic

For me, i very rare to have Maggi Mee as my main meal everyday. Especially to those students who wants to save money, they always like to have Maggi Mee. But recently, i found this Mamee Sllrrrp Maggi Mee quiet attracted my view! Because they provided lots of flavor such as Kari Berapi, Ayam Sensasi, Asam Laksa Wow, Mi Rebus Pedas Gilerr, Kari Xtra Pedas, Kari Kapitam Sempoii, Sup Bunjuut Pedas Terer, Goreng Asli Fantasik and Goreng Pedas Bombastik. Yes! They really provided so many flavor that for sure you will like one of them...

Lets me introduce you those flavors(especially to those who like spicy)...

First, is Kari Berapi which is the first flavor i bought. Er... I still haven't try it but will do so next week, so stay tune for my comment on it! This flavor contains curry, chili, pepper powder. Of course it will be very spicy! hmm~ now i need to prepare myself some tissue paper before i having it~ xD
Or if you want some different taste of spicy, try this! Goreng Pedas Bombastik with extra spicy~
Want some more with spicy? They also have another one for you, Mi Rebus Pedas Gilerr. It has a secret on it , the flavoring paste can turn into a delicious soup in just 2-3 mins.
Ok! All of the above still can't enough your crave for spicy? Then i'm sure this will! Kari Xtra Pedas~ Through the name you should know it got extra spicy...
Beside this, they also have Kari Kapitan Sempuii which is a unique taste from Johor. The taste will be more nicer if you add in with tauhu, kailan, taugeh, fish ball and squid! Not only this, they got Sup Bunjuut Pedas Terer. It contains coriander seeds, star anise, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, onion and celery vegetables.

Next week, i will introduce more flavors for those who don't like spicy! So don't forget to Sllrrrp~