Monday, August 02, 2010

WET WET WET! MTV World Stage 2010 Live In Malaysia Is All About WET!

Again, MTV just bring us another big event to us with MTV World Stage at the same place! But this year, there are just 4 line-up artists such as Bunkface, Wonder Girls, Tokio Hotel and Katy Perry. MTV World Stage happen last Saturday night at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach.

Again, Xpax is one of the sponsor... So means that i can get tickets from them! Sadly this year they didn't have roadshow in my town, if not i'm sure will going to join like last year~ This year's ticket looks nice and funky especially the black bean guy and bee... xD

As i remember for last night's MTV World Stage, the rain come and visit us before the show. So we all also thinking of the rain will stop before the rain like last year but... The rain looks like want to watch the show with us~ Ya, the rain is almost all the time with us along the show from beginning to the end. We just like a raining dogs and cats standing under the rain for 6 hours and everything going so badly! Although we got wear the raincoat provided by MTV but still our whole body is wet! Imagine yourself standing under the rain for 6 hours, how would you feel? Uncomfortable... Cold... whole body sultry inside the raincoat... My skin can't even "breath"... What i can say is totally horrible experience!
We get into the venue around 6pm... Eveyone here are waering the raincoat, the rain is more heavily! OH NOT~

7PM, the show began with our local band, Bunkface singing their hit songs included Through The Windows! I like this song so much~
Wonder Girls are on the stage after Bunkface performance... This is the moment most of us waiting for! The girls dance with their song such as I Wanna, Goodbye, So Hot, Tell Me, 2 Different Tears and... NOBODY by rock version! I like their rock remix performance especially when they bring out the guitar, so cool~
During their Nobody performance, suddenly the big LED screem beside the stage appear black! There is electric shock because of the rain... But the girls didn't know the happening and continue their performance.

After Wonder Girls's performance, there was a VJ Hunt Finalist show... Now the problem cames up, the rain is more heavily but Tokio Hotel still not on the stage... Hear that the stage was flood by the heavily water and they are busying overcome the technical problem(electric shock), all the fans here just can waiting there under the rain for almost 40 minutes! But when Tokio Hotel is finally performed on the stage at 9.40pm, everyone seen to be high now, jumping with the songs, singing with them. Bill's outfit is so cool and sharp!
I like the song, World Behind My Walls when all of us here singing Woah... Woah... and firework waterfall right after the end of song! BEAUTIFUL...

After Tokio Hotel's performance, the time is around 11pm... The time waiting for California Girl by Katy Perry is just so so so long! Katy Perry come to the stage with giant banana split at 11.45pm! Means that all of us are just waiting there for 45 minutes... Gosh~ My leg gonna break very soon! But is ok after watching Katy Perry's performance! All the stage just like transformed into a wonderland~ xD
When Katy Perry finished her performance, the time already 12am midnight! But we still need to stay... Because due to the electric shock just now, MTV unable to record Wonder Girls' Nobody performance. So they need to re-performing again after the show. Sadly, almost all the crowd here start to leave, just leave 1/4 of us waiting to see their performance again.. But luckily Wonder Girls still having a great performing and din't affect by the crowd leaving. Wonder Girls said they will come back again to met us! REALLY? Great!!!

Luckily we are wearing short pant, t-shirt and slipper, if not... Conclusion, I really hope next year's MTV World Stage will not going to rain anymore! Please rain finish before the show! And bring more artists(especially Korean's... xD)! :D