Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brian Joo 1st Fan Meeting in Malaysia

This is the first KPop event that not start from a agency or company perhaps it start by a fan! Many people don't encourage fans to do that as they may not professional enough to organize event like this. But as what we can see now, this fan meet was very succeed. Yup, i'm saying about Brian Joo's first fanmeet in Malaysia.

Want to know more about the story behind, you may read this article; (Sorry! Available in Chinese version only).

When he arrived to KL, they had went to Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh for dinner! Woot~ This restaurant is quiet famous in town. I been there one time before, their Bak Kut Teh really delicious.
On the second day, that is today, a day for Brian Joo's 1st fanmeet here in The Opera, Sunway Pyramid! The boy have his press conference before the show. The organizer is so sweet, they put the throne at the stage for Brian Joo.
See his hair, so cool!
After press conference, is the time for the show. The host,Baki came out to the stage to warming up us! Until the boy finally up to stage and started his performance with the first song, In My Head Kor. version. The crowd start to scream~
Follow up with some of his songs from the past such as Don't Go, Even Through My Heart Break and also from Manifold album's.
 As this is a fanmeet, Brian Joo had interacted with his lucky fans, he did a sexy dance, hug the fans and act cute! >.< I'm sure others fans below the stage are jealous to those who get huge from Brian Joo.
Brian Joo not only handsome, he is cute too! xD
Come to the last part of the show, Brian Joo performed Jason Derulo’s version of In My Head! Nice man~ Korean version and English version both he had perform it very well.

7 songs may not enough for us but this is just a fanmeet. Anyway, he really did a very great, awesome and epic performance for all of us, he had been practicing dance for this show as he told us through Twitter before the show. We looking forward in your future career......

If you got come,probably you will saw them selling Brian Joo album with Signature on it!

All the pictures above credited to K-popped(, Brian Joo's and Elosoul's Twitter, Jin Mode Facebook