Sunday, June 27, 2010

BEAST Shock Of New Era Malaysia Tour 2010

After UKISS, now is BEAST! The KPOP Hot Issue is keep on continue in our country...

Before they start their Asian tour, our Malaysia suddenly pop out a organizer saying that they are bringing BEAST to Malaysia with a private hi-tea fanmeet! Many fans thought this is true and hear that some of them even pay the fees until Universal Music and Cube Entertainment found this is a seriously scam! Luckily they noticed it early and made a press statement about this. After few week, they finally announced officially about BEAST's Asian Tour and Malaysia is in the list, i'm wondering how is that organizer thinking now, seen like they didn't speak out anything since the statement release... My advise for this organizer, YOU BETTER SHUT YOU MOUTH FOREVER!!!

Ok, just ignored them, lets said about my trip to their showcase last night! RM120 to bought their album package comes with t-shirt and the entry pass, what i can say is it was so reasonable as you can watch their performance and even get all of their signature! Some more, if you well the t-shirt to the showcase, you probably will get priority entry to the venue first~ How cool is that...
This is what i get for my package!

But the day came to last night, thing didn't happen as what they say... The showcase supposed to start at 7pm means the gate should be open early or right at 7pm but the management looks like didn't plan to so early. Until 8pm, the gate is still closing, fans start to strained, shouting for the gate to open, angry, keep pushing and making a huge controversy... When they start to allow fans to enter, they actually allow those who didn't wear the t-shirt enter first perhaps not those fans who got wear it! And they are allowing only one by one to go in, the fans at the back sure can't wait to get in so they just pushing, the situation had started to lose control, many fans keep fainting and even injured, i'm just scared by the situation as i keep seeing fans carry up from the crowd and some fans fall in the crowd because of the fans at the back keep on pushing...
Beside this, the stair and the elevator is high and small space! This cause more seriously when the fans going up and the back just keep pushing the front, what will happen i sure you all know it... From the management report, there was almost 35 people fainted or injured just now, really pity to them... Hope they managed to enjoy the show!

Finaaly everyone successfully enter to the venue around 8.40pm... Inside KL Live, there is already a lot of fans and media inside, playing 4minutes and BEAST songs! Around 9pm, the boys is finally come to the stage , fans are becoming so crazy and keep screaming until we can't mange to hear their voice very clearly. 

During the game section, 3 fans are invited to the stage to dance and sing their song, the best one will has the chance to take picture with BEAST. 

Not only this, a malay girl had been chosen from the lucky draw to go up to stage as BEAST is singing song for her, they even sit near with her, hand with hand, give flower to her. OH NOT! All the fans below are just crazy with what they saw, they are so so so jealous...

After finish their peformance, they are back to the stage for autograph session around 10.30pm. As BEAST are already tired after whole day trip, so they will only sign until 11pm... After all the fans hear about this announcement, all of the back start to pushing and pushing until the one of the security guard warns the fans if the situation is keep on, he will end up the event! Luckily i manage to get their signatures but for those who can't still can go to second day's autograph session at One Utama.

Compared to last night, today's autograph session at One Utama looks like more better! Fans are very lining up in order... Today looks more peaceful~ Around 5.20pm, the boys is here to sign album for their fans included those who didn' mange to get last night.

And most important to share with you! Yup, their signature... haha~ xD
Anyway, BEAST did a very well and great performance last night especially their dance! Love it so much... Hope to see you guys again soon~ BEAST is always the B2ST!

All pictures credited to Univesal Music Malaysia, Kpopped (, Smashpop (, Kimberly Low @ Facebook