Sunday, June 20, 2010

U-Kiss! Me - UKISS First Fan Meeting in Malaysia

Looks like more and more Korean artists is coming to Asia ,our Malaysia also been one of the country in their promo tour! After Super Junior, UKISS had been come to Malaysia last Thursday for their first album promo tour.

Organized by Geneses Dream Entertainment(GD), a newly established company that was formed by a group of young people. A first, when they annouced this event, everyone start to confused with this company as they are still newly! Many of fans also scared the happening on FT Island First Live In Malaysia will be happen again because the organizer last time just so same with GD but GD refuse and said that they are different with the organizer of FT's.

Until last Thursday, UKISS is finally here in Malaysia and start their tour by the first stop at 988 radio station. Listening to the broadcast, i can know that UKISS members are very fun. They looks so excited about their first trip to Malaysia.

On the next day, they had been went to Sunway Lagoon for a show recording. They are recording for Astro's 至尊流行榜 so hopefully we can watch it soon.

After their trip to Sunway Lagoon, they also went to 8TV for the 8 E-News live broadcast. If you miss out this show on last Friday, you still can watch it again at (You need to register).

Yesterday is the day all UKISS fans waiting for, because this is the day for UKISS Fan Meeting in Plenary Hall,KLCC! Before the fan meeting, they have a press conference in Mandarin Oriental Hotel. When they talked about Malaysia foods, they hope to try Nasi Lemak with Kimchi together! Is this possible? haha~

Many fans have been waiting outside the hall since early morning, the event start around 2.45pm with playing some game first, lucky fans will invited to stage and play with UKISS. Beside that, they also sing their first album's songs such as Man Man Ha Ni and also Boyz'2 Men's End Of The Road! After finish performing, they start the signing album session for those VIP fans.

The members also celebrated Dong Ho's birthday during the fan meeting together with their fans.

UKISS's signatures on their first album!
After 3 days of their trip in Malaysia, UKISS is going down to Singapore today to continue their Asia promo tour! Hopefully everything is going smooth and well, the show is very successful and everyone enjoyed it.

The excitement haven't stop here,it continue to be more excited. Ya, next week, BEAST is the next Korean group that will heading down to Malaysia. So keep continue stay tune to my blog update as i will post up their overall trip updates. Brian Joo and Wonder Girls will be the next too!

All the photos above are credit to ELOSOUL(, Daily K Pop News(, Seoul FM, My_Kissu@Twitter, Geneses Dream Entertainment(GD), 988 DJ, Sunway Lagoon