Sunday, August 16, 2009

PART 2 : MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia is BLAST!

About 1pm yesterday,they are having a press conference to celebrate the lead up to last night’s historic music event.All media or VIP will get this goodies bag which included media pass,Gold pass and also post-party pass!
During the press conference,which i really hope to see them,They are 2AM from Korea!
They are having a short a-capella session which came hot on the heels of VJ Sean’s remark about them being the Korean version of Boyz II Men!
After that,they will only be performing at the post-party!Oh not...
why don't let them perform at the world stage? I wanna watch their perform! ;(
As what you can see... The day still young but all of them is already jumping and shouting!
Wonder how they can tahan until 12am? When Kasabian is perfrom! hmm~
And what i know is almost 20000 people there to rock with us! wa~
Here have some pic that i grad from MTV World Stage Official Website...
Hope you all can enjoy it~
Estranged from our Malaysia above is he first line up to perform!
Follow up is them,Boys Like Girls!
When they are pefroming the song,Thunder...The sky start to raindrops but don't thunder!
Luckily with the next song,The Great Escape from the rain~ haha...

Have a half hour of resting,the show started again with Raygun's peform...
and then the most beautiful girl for the night,Pixie Lott...
Still remember that everyone is keep singing with her's chorus,UH OH UH OH~
She also said that her new album will released soon,so all of her fans must know how to do lar!
Again for the rest time,i really can't tahan with the situation...
Whole of me already wet like hell! My hand and head keep sweating~
And i out to have some eat!KFC? Good choice!
After that,is time to rock again with Hoobastank above...
The floor is vibrating! I CAN FEEL IT~
whY?this is because they finally on the stage...
ALL AMERICAN REJECTS is bringing the house down!
looks like most of people is going out?! WAIT,Kasabian is next and last~
With their hit song,Fire! Everyone start to FIRE! woot~
Eveyone is start to shout ENCORE... WE WANT MORE...
What i can said about last night is evryone is already LET IT ALL OUT!!!
For the last,fireworks burn the sky.
This is an absolutely glorious night to remember and get a look at that volcano eruption!
Don't forget MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia will premieres this August 28 at 8:00PM on MTV Asia and Global MTV telecasts debut September 11.
You might saw me in your tv! haha~ *impossible*