Sunday, August 16, 2009

PART 1 : MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia is AWESOME!

This is the day everyone waiting for rocking party @ MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia!
When we enter to the venue,there already many people there...
And it was raining but luckily it stopped before the party start...
Eveyone who attend the party have this chop at your hand!
On the way to the stage,we can see the XPAX banners everywhere and is X is so big!

And finally we reach the front of the MTV World Stage!
Everyone is already here...
And they playing BEP's songs such as Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling when we go there...
About 6.18pm,the stage is lighted up by our Estranged!
Everyone is started to jump and shout~
When Estranged is performing,there is a mystery white-masked man who are wearing a yukata and playing guitar!
Follow with all the lines up artists perform such as Hoobastank,Raygun,Pixie Lott,All American Reject and the last,Kasabian!!!
the party ended at about 11.38pm as everyone here is already tired and hungry...
the food stall beside the venue is full with people,trying for Pizza Hut and KFC!!! *yummY*
anyway,this is just a short update!
Continue to my part 2 soon as more clear pictures and detail will update to you! ^^