Wednesday, April 29, 2009


today i don't have exam...
so i quickly went to Cathay in Prangin Mall to watch this movie!
i been waiting this movie since it released in Japan...
here some synopsis of this movie:
Mei has been in love with Yuya all her life. They've grown up together. But when they reach their second year of middle school, Yuya suddenly professes his love for her older sister, Haruna. Struggling to rebound from her decade-long crush, Mei finds comfort in the close camaraderie of her school friends and then meets a gentle-natured boy named Atsushi. The two begin to realize that they share many things in common that seem to transcend mere coincidence: the same birthday (February 29th, 1992) and a previous encounter when they were both 8. Feeling a bond of fate, they grow closer. But destiny can have a dark side too and a shocking revelation from both of their pasts compels Atsushi to pull away from Mei. The devastating separation then unleashes a wave of misfortune upon Mei: the death of a loved one, drug addiction and domestic violence. As circumstances seek to take control of her life, Mei struggles to maintain her faith in the tenuous thread of destiny that will reunite her with her true love.
After watched this movie,what my comment is it was very nice movie and touched also!
it is not so easy to meet a person same birthday with you in 29 of February...
can be love together will be even more harder! right?

「一生人會遇到30000 人,能成為同學或同事的有3000人,能成為朋友的有300人,能成為命中注定的那位,就只有1位…」