Monday, September 26, 2011

Korean Music Wave Hit Malaysia!

Since Korean Music Wave hit Bangkok and Singapore, Malaysian fans have waiting the chance to have this concert in their country. Thanks to Proof Label and Galaxy Group for making our wish comes true. The Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia happening last Saturday night at Stadium Merdeka featuring artists such as FT Island, UKISS, Park Jung Min, Teen Top, 4Minute, GD&TOP and Seungri!

The first wave began with FT Island with their songs like Hello Hello, Love Love Love, Bing, Bad Women and Hope. They had finally return to Malaysia after their first visit 4 years before.

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The next wave with Teep Top, a very young group which came to Malaysia for their first time. They have show their performance to the Malaysian fans with the songs such as Brushing, Clap, Angel and Supa Luv.
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The wave continue with the only girls group that night, 4Minute! They have hit the stage with their sexy dance performing Mirror, Heart To Heart, I My Me Mine, Muzik and Hot Issue.
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BingGuel! The next wave belongs to UKISS~ This had been the 3rd time they coming to Malaysia and they are still loving Malaysian fans so much by hoping to have their concert here in Malaysia.
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Park Jung Min continue the wave with his songs like Not Alone, Because It's You, Everyday is My Christmas, Missing You and Let Go.
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The wave coming soon to the end with Big Bang member, Seungri and GD&TOP. Seungri said that all Malaysian fans was "Sangat Bagus".
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And the last wave and also the most anticipated, GD&TOP! Eveyone at the stadium have getting into the highness and dance with their songs like High High, Oh Yeah and Knock Out. Although they also sang 3 three but the fans was still enjoy with their performance...
(via Galaxy Group)