Saturday, June 11, 2011

UKISS "Bran New Kiss" Album Showcase in Malaysia

2010 The Most Talented Boy Band by Channel V Taiwan, UKISS finally made their tour to Malaysia again to promo their latest album, Bran New Kiss! Although Alexander and Kim Kibum already left the group but they added in with another two new members, AJ and Hoon.

Press Conference


The showcase supposed to be held as private fanmeeting in Plenary Hall, KLCC but we Malaysian fans was so lucky to have Radioactive as the sponsor for this showcase. That's why we able to watch their performance live outside Pavilion KL open to public for FREE! But those who already bought the ticket before will still enjoy their privileges.


For those who stay at other states and unable to attend their showcase, they also able to catch UKISS's performance live on 8TV as they had invited to be one of the special guest for Ultimate Power Star Grand Finale. Even oversea fans also can watch online through 8TV website.

8TV Ultimate Power Star Grand Finale