Sunday, May 29, 2011

Super Junior-M Concert @ Himpuana Sejuta Belia 2011

Hopefully last night was a most enjoyable day for all Super Junior-M Malaysian fans as they able to watch their idols' concert for FREE! Since Super Junior-M was quite famous in internet, Organizer decided to bring them to Malaysia in conjunction of our country's National Youth Day celebration.

National Youth Day is to honour the youth of the our country as they have contributed greatly to the country and government. The event last night had attracted more than one million youth to Putrajaya for this celebration and the most anticipated show was the Super Junior-M Concert happening at night yesterday.

The boys reach Malaysia yesterday morning and went to the stage at afternoon for rehearsal. They also had their press conference before the concert.

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The concert begins right at 10pm with their first song, 太完美 | Perfection follow with their other songs and end with Super Girl. Along the show, 6 fans had invited to the stage to to get more closer with them and even huge the boys! For ZhouMi he didn't huge the fan but kissed her hand~ I'm sure everyone down there was getting jealous to those lucky fans out there...

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For solo performance, Henry sang Off My Mind, ZhouMi with 凌晨三点钟, Wookie sang 我只在乎你, Kyuhyun with 如果你也听说, Eunhyuk dances with Michael Jackson Billie Jean + Smooth Criminal. This will be their last promo for their Perfection album. After that they will starting their new journey~ Lets us looking forward for their new album...