Sunday, October 17, 2010

JYJ The Beginning New Album Showcase Live In Malaysia 2010

After a long journey of the lawsuit, JYJ(Jaejoong,Yoochun and Junsu) previously from TVXQ members had decide to start off their fresh footing and leave the feud with SM Entertainment behind, and now they had just released their first new English album, The Beginning. With 520K pre-orders around the world, they also started their showcase around the world and they just reach Malaysia this morning to meet their fans again here.

Back to pass few weeks, when Redstar and Marctensia decided to bring them to Malaysia, every Cassie here giving a very big response to this event! The first day of pre-sale had attracted all Cassie around Malaysia went to Fahrenheit88 to buy the tickets, VIP ticket which costs RM809 sold out during the pre-sale event. Yes, you can see how is the power of Cassie even-thought they are unable to meet 5 of them again on the stage but still giving out their fully support to them!
Till the day before the showcase start, lots of Cassie have start to waiting outside the Stadium Negara!
This morning, more and more fans filling the crowd outside the venue as well as at KLIA too, JYJ reached Malaysia at around 11am taking normal pass lane instead of VIP pass lane.

Back to the venue, Rock Corner is selling their new album, The Beginning at the CD Booth. The price was RM150 for the luxury package and RM50 for the normal package.

JYJ was inside doing their rehearsal on the stage just after their landed here. The gate was opened at around 3pm and inside the venue start to filling with all red shirt!

The show started at around 3.30pm with the first song, Be The One! Following with Empty, Be My Girl and other songs...

During their talk, Jaejoong and Junsu said that Malaysian girls are the HOTTEST in the world! I'm sure all the fangirl will crazy for this... xD Beside this, they also might be back in Malaysia in June or July 2011 for a CONCERT! Lets wait for it...
Their showcase ended early than the time expected, many fans feel disappointed for this. Some more, the fans need to wait for the gate to open under the rain and chasing the fans out from the stadium after the showcase end. But still, i believe most of the fans there should be enjoyed the show right?

After the showcase, they moved to Hilton Hotel for press conference and leave Malaysia at night.

All the pictures above are fully credited as tagged such as Redstar, MY-TVXQ!, Getsuyoubi335, Chodixxon and crystalk3iz, azrinarizz from Twitter!