Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's Whopper Day! Penang Finally Have The First Burger King Outlet~

All Penangites waiting this for long! Every time when we want to find a fast food restaurant, we only have few choices. But now, we finally have another new choice, Burger King! I still remember my first time having my fast food in Burger King was at Genting. Recently i have it again at Kuala Lumpur but it they didn't even have one outlet here in Penang island until now. As more and more feedback and request, Burger King finally expand their business to this island and providing another good choice of fast food to all Penangites.

As what we can see this few days, the first outlet in Penang island located at Promenade 28, Off Jelutong Expressway had been attracted lots of people come for meal. Sometime even full house. And today, 6/10/2010 is a big day for all Burger King fans as they are having a promotion which we just need to buy a carbonate drink for RM3 and get a Whopper burger for JUST RM1 ONLY! During normal time, one Whopper burger will cost you around RM10. Thats why the queue lining never end from this morning until night. You can saw the lorry which sending the material keep coming to the shop even at night just now!

I lining up for almost 1 hour there just to buy the burger. Anyway, i do enjoyed the burger so much, it delicious and nice.