Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sixty9ine Mansion Preview Launch Party featuring Sa Ding Ding Live Band Concert

The first i know her is from Popular CD RAMA whereby CD RAMA is having promotion for her album,Alive. CD RAMA is giving 101% guaranteed for this album, so i just bought it back and listen to it. I just can't believe, she has a very very very nice and amazing voice! What i can say, listen to her music just like having spa with music... WONDERFUL~

Sa Ding Ding 萨顶顶 is a very talented singer and also a songwriter, mixed Han and Mongolian ancestry, singing songs like Mandarin, Sanskrit, Tibetan and even her own imaginary self-created language. In 2008, she is the first Chinese who won the BBC Radio 3 World Music Award for the Asia-Pacific region and earning herself the chance to perform at the Royal Albert Hall to a Western audience.

Her first album,Alive included a lots of Tibetan style of songs with modern western mixing. Some of the songs like 万物生 and 陀罗尼 is my flavor songs! This year, she has released a new album called Harmony with mostly playing with traditional musical instruments. Since the first album i bought, i already wishing to have a chance to listen to her performance live! I actually don't believe this would happen until this moment...

She is finally comes to Malaysia for her new album's promo tour and Penang is one of the venue too! I'm so happy and excited when i get to know she is coming to town. She has her live band concert last night at Sixty9ine Mansion,Batu Feringghi.

Sixty9ine Mansion, Penang's Sexiest Beach Bar and Club Lounge, island's future in beachfront recreation and lifestyle. Located just along Batu Feringghi's popular 3km beach stretch, beside Eden Seafood Village and Holiday Inn Resort.They just preview launch last night and attracted almost 600 people to come and visit. Sa Ding Ding's live band concert has featuring for their preview launch.

Ya,if you want to sit at this place,you need to take off your shoe as the floor is full with water!

Sitting on the sofa below beautiful night sky (Yup,here is open air), listening and watching her performance and the live band is just so enjoyable under place like this... All the crowd here just follow the beat and dance with the music! At the end of the concert, she is having album signing session at the beach,i'm sure this is first time got artist doing at the beach,so special... haha~