Tuesday, December 01, 2009

W|SH for Joy and Luck~

November,maybe a lucky month for me...
Because many surprise had happen in this month!
Fly to Singapore for my sister's marriage register,my Plurk's karma finally reached 100 and many more...

Not only this,i also won some stuff for myself too~
Sony Malaysia have "Michael Jackson's "This Is It" - Tell us how much you missed him" Contest in their facebook and twitter,
i also participated to the contest and surprisedly i become one of the winner to get the free Michael Jackson t-shirt!
Not only Michael Jackson's t-shirt,i also win myself that i wish to have,Pixie Lott's new album!
7-Eleven Slurpee just launch their official website at http://www.slurpee.com.my !
For those who register as a member in their website will have chance to get the album home~
And i'm so lucky become the 5th person to get it!Woooo~ so happy... ^.^

As i mention in my previous blog post,Starbucks is celebrating Christmas and their 11th anniversary,they are given out the 2010 planner to those customer who get 11 stamps...
And most of my friends start visiting Starbucks past few weeks to get th stamp and redeem the planner included myself! xD

Same as ohers,i keep inviting my friends to go with me so that i can get more stamp!
Finally i managed to get the 2010 planner,so happy...

I have to start planning my future plan now with it! hehe~
As most of my friends know,my birthday is coming soon!
Not only my birthday,and also Christmas and New Year...
I'm sure this is a wonderful month full with Joy and W|SH...
How your W|SH before the end of 2009?
W|SH you have a same luck with me! ^^