Monday, November 16, 2009

2012 | We Were Warned!

The day we waiting for is not really we want to,2012...
the movie is finally released!
After watching this movie,what i can said is so touched and also scary~

2012,Will the day comes to the end?Will this predict true?Will we going to die?
What we know is that the earth is actually warning us...
Although it's will not happen like the movie,but we already can saw all disaster keep happening around us!
We as human should now start to take care each other and the most important,our Mother Earth!
I just don't understand,why we still have those people chasing for reputation,fortune...
Doing whatever to get it,war,kill,cheat,corrupt,fight...
Do they going to get all the reputation for their whole life even after died?

Just like the US President in the movie,at the end he choose to stay with victim perhaps he can go to the ship!As he know that we as a human should have the right to know and take care each other!

What we should focus now is to make your vote for to save our earth before it end!
Take care each other as we are a family!
Forget about enemies as it will perplexing your mind...
Just like a full cup flooding out of water,you need to stop it!
We needs a empty cup to peace our mind~
Welcome the sunshine after the dark night!!!!!!