Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grand Opening of Hard Rock Hotel Penang & Watch 机器侠 Kungfu Cyborg

I still scared by yesterday's haevily rain!almost 5 hours rain cause more of the place around Penang island is flooded~
but luckily today didn't rain,so is a nice day to have a visit to Hard Rock Hotel Penang that are officially opening today!

After a long journey along Batu Feringghi,we finally reach there...
We can see the big guitar outside the hotel!
Just imagine now is morning and you are inside this room,you walk out and enjoying the sunrise!
Or you can also can just jump into the swimming pool!lolx~
Beside that,you also can found many Hard Rock artists' clothes and some limited things here...
Do you feel wanna have a wedding here after saw this demonstrate cake with Hard Rock's logo?xD
After have a tour around Hard Rock Hotel,we went to Gurney Plaza for watching movie,<机器侠 Kungfu Cyborg>...
OMG!The movie is damn funny... everyone is just keep laughing non-stop!
But the end of the movie is so touched~
i can said this movie is not bad and more valuable to watch compared to Where Got Ghost...