Sunday, March 20, 2011

Malaysian ELFs Unite Again for Super Show 3 Malaysia!

Not more than one year after SS2, Super Junior back to Malaysia again for their SS3 last night in the same place, Stadium Putra Indoor Stadium!

At the beginning of 2011, rumors spread everywhere about when the SS3 going to held in Malaysia, who is going to bring them here, not SS3 in Malaysia...... And soon, one of our local newspaper came out with a article saying that SS3 Malaysia will be held at 19th March by the current organizer, Running Into The Sun(RITS) which also the organizer for SS3 Singapore. Many fans curious about that because MY Astro Music Awards also held same date same venue, but then after RITS comfirmed about the news, MY Astro Music Awards had changed their date and venue.

The whole concert are same as Korean's with a big square stage and Rock Pits inside.The show start at around 6pm, this is the firs time the concert started so early instead of 8pm because they need to go back to Korea after conert. The boys begins the show with Sorry Sorry and continue with Super Girl, Don't Don and others...

For their solo performances, Ryeowook sings One Fine Spring Day with Sungmin playing with his acoustic guitar. Kyuhyun sings 新不了情. Eunhyuk and Donghae with I Wanna Love You. Teukie sings Leehom's Kiss Goodbye. Siwon sings Lookin for the Day. Henry with Justin Bieber's Baby! Sungmin with If I Leave, Eunhyuk performs Jay Sean's Down and ZhouMin performs Elva Hsiao's Miss Chic.

Due to HeeChul injured during SS3 Shanghai, his Lady HeeHee perfomance already taken out. But then we are lucky as Super Junior-M have their performance last night with Perfection 太完美!

Durine the whole conert, fans spotted Siwon's family are there and even Kyu's sister also. Most touched part was during the time they play the video clip about Kangin... During the encore, all of them came up to the stage again with those vegetarian costumes. At the end, they walk around the stage keep saying thank you to all the fans, asking fans to pray together for Japan, singing birthday song to Eunhyuk and they also said that they are in the midst of making their 5th album! Hopefully this is another great show by the boys and all ELFs having lots of fun last night. Lets us looking forward SS4 Malaysia...

All photos and videos above are fully credited to One FM, K-Popped!, didy1013@Twitter, Hot Magazine, Imaaan@Tumblr, Mint Magazinesjm7rainbow@Youtubekyuchuleunsihae@Youtubeshiwei1202@Youtube and viviatan@Youtube