Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wonder Girls Concert Live in Malaysia 2010

You can hear their hit song wherever you go to any shopping center, restaurant, CD shop or even just pass by any house... Ask every friends around you, they can sing the song for you... Nobody, Nobody but YOU! Yes, it is Wonder Girls hit song, Nobody~

They just finish their 1st Wonder Concert here in Malaysia at Arena of Stars, Genting yesterday. Now lets back to see whats happening last night!

The concert begins with performing act by our local artists, a Malay artist, Wan Yee and Hanley. Then the show continue with inviting the girls come out to stage with first opening song, So Hot!

Beside singing their hit songs, they also have their solo performance. Yubin with Pink's So What! Sohee with Beyonce's Single Ladies and Yeeun with her piano solo.
Sohee - Single Ladies

There was a lucky guy invited up to the stage. He looks very enjoy the moment on the stage with them, everyone was so jealous to him.
BIG pink bear! So cute~ >.<

During the encore part, Wonder Girls back on stage with a very shinny red color dress and performing the hit song, Nobody original and Chinese version. Although the show was short but they had performed their best to all of us with their songs and dances. They even greet all the fans with Malay at the end, they do hope to meet us again soon. The concert ends with wonderful performance and all the wonderful fans...

All the pictures and video above fully credit to daniel2623EdDiebaBee and MyKpopHuntress