Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super Junior Super Show 2 In KL 100% BLAST!!!

I still remember the first i saw them is during TVXQ 1st concert in Malaysia, they are the special performance guest. The second time is the MTV Asia Music Awards! Since that day, most of Malaysia ELFs have been waiting them to come back again and having their own concert,finally they coming...

I'm so excited when i know they are coming, i'm sure others ELFs there too! We have waiting this moment for so long time...

During the first tickets launch, RM138 tickets just sold out in just few hours only! Fans are already crazily although this is just a tickets selling... And all tickets is sold out before the concert day, COOL~

Since Friday, all ELFs not only from Malaysia, even come from Indonesia have start gathering in airport, outside Grand Millenium Hotel just to see them... Write until here, i 100% sure you know who are they i'm writing now, Yup! They are Super Junior!!!

19th 4.45pm they reached KLIA, 5.15pm come up from fifth floor but all the ELFs is waiting at third floor, so most of them unable to saw them.

20th 5pm they are having a press conference before their concert, i like what Leetuek said, "We can’t wait to be close to the fans…Breath the same air and just enjoy the concert~" Yea! Some more, he said, "Super Junior’s concerts are special because the fans are closest to the artists than at any other concerts." I totally agree with this!

During concert day, the time is still early but outside stadium already can see most ELFs sitting down in row wearing Blue t-shirt, walking around, buying those merchandise and getting more and more people there. 6pm gates open, fans who bought the rock pitt start running into the stadium for a better view.

7pm, the concert start with special opening performance by 东于哲 and Iqwal. Fans start feeling excited for Super Junior to come up to stage, making wave and shout scream like a mad girl especially when they are playing VCR until they finally come up from audiences at 8pm! WOOT~

Starting with the first song, Man in Love to U ,Sorry Sorry, Super Girl and others 35 songs until 11pm. The most excited part is their solo performance! The most touched part is Donghae and Eeteuk cried when they performing the song, Shining Star. The most surprised news part is they announced 4th new album will release soon.

Sadly Kangin(got fans saw him in hotel but is just rumor at last), Hangeng and Kibum didn't come along with them but the performance still 100% BLAST, they have bringing a lots of fun and entertain for all the 15000 ELFs that night! Everyone there enjoyed the show so much~ Hope to see you all again soon!

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