Friday, July 10, 2009

MTV World Stage'09 Roadshow @ Gurney

Today Xpax is having MTV World Stage Live In Malysia Roadshow in Gurney for the first day and going to held until this sunday.
And i had invited to attend for a audition to get the free entry for MOSH PIT...
But before this,you have to draw for 2 games of 4 games...
I'm the first people to join the games with number 001!!!
I took number 1 & 3... no.1 is Iguana challenge and no.3 is take the X from a ice box!
woot~ it's so fun to meet and take picture with Iguana in the box and put hand into the ice box to take the X!
Luckily i'm not taking no.2 and no.4 which is dress up like a crowb and walk on stone! hehe~

SEE! The Iguana is watching me~ xD
Where is the X?The ice box is so cold... >.<
After i pass the games,now is the World Stage Audition time...
i'm challenging with uncle who join in also!
First,we have to make up become a "mad people" as creative as possible...
Then,imagine you are now in MOSH PIT infront,you have do any action when you saw artists!
After that,say "XPAX" as loud as possible...
Sadly,i don't have the voice as loud as the uncle's!
So,i can't get the free entry for MOSH PIT...
Anyway,i still get free tickets to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia this 15/8 @ Sunway!

Look my "crowd face"... xD
I'm the first to get this free tickets to MTV World Stage'09! WO0~