Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Just because of this movie,i have waiting to log in to GSC website to book the tickets.
But the webpage keep appear saying that there are too many online users in their website!
Why? This is because everyone is try to book the tickets for Transformer 2!
So,i have to wake up early last tuesday about 6.30am to log in to book my tickets,luckily it was successfully!

And today,when i was going to take my tickets,i saw there are people line up!
Its this possible?There are already people line up from the counter to the escalator since early 11am!!! OMG~
Luckily i had book the tickets so i don't need to line up with them... xD

Before watching the movie,i had hear many good and even bad comments about this movie...
And here i have my own review for this movie!

This time,they had surprised me with few things...
First is about the hot girl which try to close with Samuel...
what i can't believe is the girl is actually a robot!!!OMG again~
Especially her tongue and when she turn into a robot,so geli!!! >.<
Second,as most people already know about it,the robot can combine together to become more strongest!My friend said just like Power Ranger... haha~
Third,a bad robot can become a good robot! woot~ is great is every robot think like that!(But if they really think like that,not more Transformer 3... for us)
And ther are still many such as this time more funny compare to before plus i like the funny twin robots! They are so cute~ >.<

Anyway,there are still have some disappointed especially come to the end of the movie whereby it is too far for me!It should be more fighting~

Conclusion,i rated it as the one of the greatest movie that make me really feel to watch it again!
Lets wait for the coming Transformer 3!
As the revenge will fall again...

27/6,saturday i had went to Queensbay with Daniel to catch up the collection of transformers that display in central zone!Most of it is so cool and cute also~
Beside those collections,there also got selling Transformer's t-shirt,cap and etc...
Transformer Motor also display outside the main door of Queensbay!